Alexis Bellino's Boyfriend's Ex Wife Speaks Out And Claims She Interfered In Couple's Re


Following Alexis Bellino becoming Instagram official with her new boyfriend on Superbowl Sunday, his ex-wife is now speaking out about the situation and threw some very subtle shade towards Jesus Jugs regarding the breakup of her marriage.

Speaking to Us Weekly through her crisis manager (cry me a fucking river) Alexis' boyfriend's ex-wife Andrea Bohn spoke out as she claimed she felt forced to address the situation for her children. What the fuck. No one cares. Literally not one person gives a fuck. Jesus Jugs is an ex OC Housewife, she isn't Madonna, so why would the ex-wife of her boyfriend need to speak out in the press?

Andrea and her "crisis manager" told the outlet:

“In response to the comments to Ms. Bellino’s very public display of her relationship with my husband, I am feeling forced to make a plea of respect for the children involved. My marriage to Andrew was filled with both happy and challenging times, which led us to marriage counselling as recently as January. It became quite apparent our marriage was beyond reconciliation with Ms. Bellino’s Instagram post on Super Bowl Sunday.”

So what she's saying is, she thought her marriage would work out until Alexis starting posting pictures with her man? That's her ex-husband Andy's fault more than it is Jesus Jugs. Andrea (and her "crisis manager") went on to wish that everybody acts like adults in the situation and lowkey shaded the fact that Alexis has been sharing her love incessantly on Instagram:

“As a recent divorcee and mother herself, I am sure Ms. Bellino meant no harm to myself or my children with that, or subsequent posts. However, they have been a source of additional pain to an already difficult situation. My hope is that all adults involved can be considerate of the children Andrew and I share when taking to social media.”

I'm still confused why she needed to talk to Us Weekly about this? Does she not have her ex-husband's number? Andrea went on to say she wishes Andy all the best blah, blah, blah, went she really just means Alexis can go fuck herself for living a #blessed life with her ex-husband through the gram.

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