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Shade of the Week: Married To Medicine LA

PSA: Blame the Instagram outage for the delay!

The hallmark of a great reality show is when a network has enough faith invested that they start spinning the formula off into different cities, Married To Medicine has been groundbreaking with all the dark relationship drama they’ve shown us through the years so it makes sense to expand the DR and MRS DR format to the West Coast.

This isn’t the first time Bravo has attempted a Married To Medicine spin-off, do we all remember the ill-fated Houston show? Exactly nobody does, however, Bravo obviously learnt from their mistakes and gave us a Vanderpump Rules style introduction to the cast by giving them a backdoor pilot through the Atlanta ladies flying over to La La Land to meet their new competition. Did you really think they made the trip just because LA is Quad’s favourite place in America? I think not.

Bravo was smart to bring the Atlanta doctors, doctor’s wives and Quad to hit off the new show because it kept us invested in the old dream while they slowly transitioned us to the new one. Only two episodes in and I can already tell this show is a fucking mess, which is the best possible outcome for a reality show. This group of friends are just that, friends and have real chemistry like they’ve known each other for years and weren’t just thrown together through a casting call. Real friends with decades of history always make the best TV. It’s not a family relationship but it’s close.

To celebrate and recap the first few episodes of Bravo’s new series let’s break it down by each cast member and their friend Jazmin. Don’t worry I included visual aids in case we haven’t associated names with faces yet.

Dr Britton

I want to like the seemingly HBIC of this show, however, the fact that she’s CONE-Tessa’s friend leaves a sour taste in my mouth, I’m trying to get past it but it’s a work in progress. Britton is the colour of snow but is actually half black on her mother’s side so either someone is lying about her parental situation or she was just taken out of the oven a little bit too early. Britton has a street hustle which I can appreciate and her bedside manner when with her doped up patients was adorable.

Along with being an anesthesiologist, Britton is also living in Los Angeles looking for work, shelter and school while her family is back in Florida awaiting their arrival. Is it weird for the family to be on opposite coasts? Fuck yeah but it’s only a temporary situation and makes for a great storyline. Her husband whose name escapes me is also fine as fuck, so there’s also that to look forward to. I expect Britton to be the voice of reason amongst this crew, however, even the voice of reason can get involved in some mess.


Asha and her afro claim to be the actress of the group yet she’s never starred in anything until she had to pave her own way for success by making her own show to star in. She threw a lavish party for her anniversary which the Atlanta women attended and also was the recipient of mess when Shanique invited her husband’s ex to her party. Am I the only one who does think that’s a huge deal? She’s obviously an ex for a reason and if they’ve never even met why would it matter.

It only matters because of the TV cameras and what that means when you invite the ex of a cast member’s husband. In everyday life it wouldn’t matter but when there are cameras around waiting for dysfunctional to evolve it’s a whole other issue. However, Asha handled herself fine and gracefully left the party before scalping Shanique.

Dr Imani

I don’t care what you say Imani is the star of the show. She’s bald, black and beautiful. Imani definitely has the most capturing presence among the cast and also happens to be a psychologist. Does it get any better than that? She’s also admitted to being borderline violent and obviously has a temper, so Imani is not the one to fuck with. Does she start a rumour about the “friend of’s” house looking like it was made from drug dealer money?

Of course, but drug allegations drive reality TV and somebody has to put in the hard yards to make this a long-running franchise. Also did anyone see that fucking house? Was it modelled after Castro’s estate?

Dr Noelle

There isn’t too much going on here. Noelle is nice enough, has amazing hair and gives her friends free Botox, I’m obsessed with Noelle, however, until her husband starts fucking around or she throws a drink in someone’s face, there’s not too much to report. However, we all STAN an educated Black queen with Botox at her disposal.


Shanique reminds me of all the conservative Housewives in their first seasons who preach about standing by their men, bragging about being a stay at home mother and cooking meals for her children. Shanique is about that life but when the haters start attacking her lifestyle and her husband starts getting jealous of her fame, then there’s going to be a problem.

Can we talk about the husband? He is 4”6 of pent up aggression and not in a good way. I’m sure he’s a nice guy somehow but he’s definitely getting the cunt husband edit and they’re my bet of which couple will be divorced first. That gummy bear photo was shoot was cute though and I appreciate Shanique for being messy enough to invite Asha’s husband’s ex to her party.


The only thing in this friend of’s brain is a bobby pin and a couple of rocks lying around, there’s not much going on in the top floor, however, every franchise can use a bitch that can’t spell her own name. Jazmin describes herself as a doctors wife and nothing else which was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen but I can’t decide if it was her intelligence or drug dealer money that stopped her from getting a full-time position. Maybe a little of both?

This show is a HIT and you heard it here first. We’re only two episodes in so you have time to binge watch what you’ve missed or just jump in during Sunday’s new episode. I only subscribe to the messiest reality shows and this one definitely ticks all the boxes.

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