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Cynthia Bailey Speaks Out About Feud With Frenemy NeNe Leakes

Let’s get Season 7 Cynthia back!

After NeNe Leakes went on an unfollowing spree of the entire Real Housewives Of Atlanta cast following the reunion, reports emerged detailing her feud with her former BFF Cynthia Bailey.

Word on the street is that 51 Cynt invited Kenya Moore to her event in the finale episode, the Rich Bitch was pissed about it and there was footage played at the reunion of Cynthia talking to Kandi Burruss about trying to cover it up.

NeNe went on a HUGE Instagram rant, trashing her costars and calling Cynthia “sneaky and underhanded,” which the model responded to by commenting on the video to acknowledge she was wearing Cynthia Bailey Eyewear.


NeNe also said from this day forward everyone on the show is a coworker to her and they have no reason to speak otherwise.

According to a new interview with Page Six, Cynthia sounded off on all her friendship drama and she threw a little shade NeNe’s way:

“I’ve always been a friend to her, and if she’s really my girl like she’s claimed to be my girl then we could get past this,” Bailey said. “But I noticed she was wearing my eyewear, though, so I need to tag Cynthia Bailey eyewear. I appreciate that. It’s good when we support each other even when we’re mad at each other.”

51 Cynt admitted she is in the hot seat during the upcoming reunion but said it will definitely be worth the watch:

“It just got a little bit tricky for me, but I just own my truth, and said what I had to say,” Bailey said. “But it’s going to be a good reunion. I’ll tell you that.”

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