Shep Rose Drunkenly Kicked Out Of VIP Tent At Golfing Event

Is anyone surprised?

According to TMZ, everyone’s favourite alcoholic in training Shep Rose was removed from a VIP tent at The Players Championship in Florida (some golf event) after he drank a little too much.

Sources told the outlet Shep got drunk and became “belligerent,” annoying the guests and even got up to dance at one point. Note to self: a golf game probably isn’t the place to start dropping it like it’s hot. Witnesses reported:

“Shep drank a little too much booze ... becoming belligerent and pestering guests. He also got up and started dancing ... blocking people's view.”

After his drunken behaviour a woman allegedly told Shep to leave, however, like a true belligerent drunk he wouldn’t which was when the police had to step in and escort Shep out of the tent, without any trouble.

Shep wasn’t arrested and was only removed from the VIP tent and not the event. Is anyone surprised? This is a Saturday for him. TMZ even gave us a cute little video of the incident to watch:

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