Wendy Williams' Husband's Mistress Gives Birth

Big Kev is a dad again!

Ever since Wendy Williams mysteriously went into hiding over the winter break for a variety of health issues the word on the curb was that her husband Kevin Hunter's side piece of ten years had fallen pregnant which led to her breakdown, however, now she's not only carrying a baby but she's given birth to one.

According to Tasha K, Kevin's mistress Sharina Hudson gave birth to a baby girl last week only one day after Wendy publically admitted to living in a sober house for her drug addiction. So Sharina is giving birth to Kev's new offspring while Wendy is living with a bunch of 15-year-old's in a Queens' sober house. Wow.

The source Tasha K claims the couple paid for the hospital stay in cash and Kevin not only used a different name while being with her in hospital but he isn't even listed on the child's birth certificate.

Their bastard daughter does not have a name yet and is apparently back in the hospital after finding marijuana in her system. Does Sharina know you can't have a blunt when breastfeeding?

You can check out Tasha K's very lengthy exposé on the scandal below where she even alleged Wendy doesn't know about the child's birth. Well she will now.

I have no idea why she's staying with this man but Page Six released new pictures of Wendy walking around without a wedding ring, let's hope she drops his ass on live TV and takes away all the money because he's bankrolling he and Sharina's lives from Wendy's salary.

Ugh. What a fucking mess.

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