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Shade of the Week: RHOA Season 11 Finale

Yes, my Atlanta recaps usually drop Monday morning for everyone to feast their eyes on, however, this week’s finale was the iconic episode of the season and deserves it’s own Shade of the Week based purely on the fact that it’s the only thing people have been talking about all week and I love any and every time I can focus on Kenya Moore. After 19 boring episodes of me begging for Kenya Moore to return to the show, I finally enjoyed an episode of the season and is it a coincidence that the one episode I was invested in happened to be the one where Queen Twirl made a comeback? NeNe may be the OG of this franchise but Kenya delivered reality brillance since her debut episode and kept the show afloat as the stand in queen while NeNe left for a money grab. The Real Housewives of Atlanta needs Kenya Moore Daly like a diabetic needs a leg amputation. From start to finish this episode revolves around Twirl after the girls were discussing the social media drama surrounding Kenya’s baby shower. First of all we should’ve seen that forest princess baby shower on the show and second of all, NeNe was just jealous her friends her doing something besides climbing into her asshole so she spammed everyone with weird passive aggressive messages to get the attention put back into her. Apparently the reason NeNe doesn’t like “Cynthia’s friend” is because Kenya basically said she’d kill NeNe in an alternative game of Fuck/Marry/Kill and unfollowed her on Instagram. Who cares? If Kenya was trying to beef with NeNe in an effort to come back to the show that’s her problem and NeNe acting all butt hurt because they share mutual friends is only helping Kenya come back. NeNe’s favourite thing to talk about is NeNe and I’m sick of it. I’m officially NeNed out and watching her fight with people about bullshit while she just gets loud to try and prove a point is ridiculous. I’m more exhausted than LeeAnne Locken’s panty liner and NeNe playing the victim is more played out than Shamari’s weird alcoholic storyline. Bottom line: Cynthia, Kandi and Porsha attended Kenya’s baby shower and NeNe got mad about it. To be honest it was just relieving to hear these women talk about Kenya because she was such an integral part of this show for such a long time and it feels weird just to have her disappear out of thin air. Before we dive into the rest of the Kenya drama let’s just go over the subplots of this episode. Eva “just moved” into her rental condo but for someone who just moved in that house looks VERY lived in. There was decor, photo frames, throw pillows, knick knacks in the kitchen and you’re telling me this is her new place of living? There wasn’t even one box lying around to try and pretend like she had just moved in. Everyone can believe what they want about Top Model and I believe that not only was everything the bridesmaid said 100% true but that THIS condo was Eva’s home the entire time and she filmed in that sad, personality void, grey house to keep up appearances. Plain and simple. And the thing is no one cares, but people’s struggling finances wouldn’t have to be such a hot topic on these shows if everyone was just honest from the beginning. Porsha also had her gender reveal party which looked like it was being hosted by a depressed, alcoholic crown. Nothing that Porsha chose to be apart of her carnival themed party was set up aside from some sad food tent and a bouncy house. She should not only get her money back but what kind of fucking idiot is this party planner? He got the opportunity to appear on the show and grow his business and all he gives Porsha is a bouncy house? Um. Okay. After Porsha’s pregnancy hormones got the better of her, she started crying to anyone that would listen before she dialled those tears back to start having a good time. Normally when there’s a shitty party you have to drink until it starts to be fun but pregnant Porsha can’t even do that. The coloured confetti released was pink except for Porsha who magically got a blue popper. I’m not saying this is a set up but how does one blue colour end up with a bunch of pink and even on the off chance that happens, what are the odds the person carrying the baby ends up with the blue one? That’s all I’m saying. Back to the real meat and potatoes of the episode: Kenya Moore Daly. Following the baby shower, Cynthia decided she wanted Kenya to attend her Seagrams event, however, Kenya didn’t want to go because of the cameras but Kandi convinced her to attend and they agreed to keep it between them before production found out. That’s the story they’ve been parroting ever since this became an issue. Kenya and her orange dress ambushed the party, greeting everyone in her wake while a see of iPhones filmed her long awaited cameo. Kenya was glowing while NeNe sulked in the corner calling her a monster and making fun of her weight. What is up with NeNe Leakes and fat shaming pregnant women? First she goes after Porsha in THOSE texts and now Kenya too? Calm the fuck down Moose. I can’t remember who gave her that nickname was it Claudia? Marlo? Sheree? Kim? Who the fuck knows but it’s accurate. Kenya didn’t really do anything apart from say “HI” to everyone she walked past and giving a speech at the event, however, NeNe’s overall disdain for her existence made up for it. Cynthia tried to honour Gregg at the event but NeNe wouldn’t let it happen. Not everything is about you and if someone wants to honour your sick husband, then let them honour him. Gregg should’ve stood up to his wife and gone up there but why risk three months of NeNe bitching and complaining at him for two minutes of glory. NeNe doesn’t like Kenya because she knows Miss Moore couldn’t give two fucks about her and has never been one to crawl up her ass like the other ladies. Did Kenya ignore NeNe during the entire event and on the way out? Yes. Was it petty as fuck? Yes, but this is Kenya Moore we’re talking about. To make the situation really short NeNe is hurt Cynthia didn’t tell her Kenya was coming. First of all, it’s none of her business and second of all, who gives a fuck. Let it go. Your husband is sick. Fight the cancer instead of fighting half the cast because I guarantee NeNe won’t be able to do both. Kandi and Cynthia got caught on audio talking about setting up how Kenya arrived and 51 Cynt was caught whispering similar things to her man. Even if she did know Kenya was coming I’m still Team Bailey. The fact that she has to walk around on egg shells around her own friend because someone said they’d “delete” her on Instagram is fucking crazy and Cynthia is better off without big headed NeNe controlling her every move. If NeNe is going to let their friendship fall out over this petty Kenya mess then they really shouldn’t be friends. The most hypocritical part of this entire situation is how hard NeNe has been campaigning to get Phaedra back on the show. Phaedra basically told the world Kandi wanted to drug and rape Porsha but NeNe has been parading her around the internet trying to get her enough clout to return. Kenya said she’d delete NeNe and the Rich Bitch is already huffing and puffing about everyone betraying her, can you imagine what Kandi is feeling? Why can she bring Shady Phae Phae around but no one can even talk to Kenya? I’m so fucking over this woman. Nothing she says makes sense, it’s always her way or the highway and at this point Bravo really needs to choose the highway because she’s too big for her britches and it’s not even entertaining anymore, it’s just confusing. In the end Cynthia ended up making up with NeNe and apologised because she wanted to appease her friend but guess what. How much can we appease this bitch? She acted like someone had killed dog right in front of her at that final dinner and this entire feud obviously isn’t about Cynthia inviting Kenya but I’m sick to death of all this misdirected anger and all it’s doing is setting up Kenya’s return for next season. She’s friends with Cynthia, Kandi, Porsha, has an active beef with NeNe and Marlo, a new husband, baby and is thirsty enough to be a shit stirring bitch. What more could we ask for? BRING BACK TWIRL AND BRING ON THE REUNION!