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RHOA Season 11 Reunion Fashion Roundup!

The Atlanta Housewives have the best reunions hands down and even after their most boring season in history, these southern bitches are still turning out shade, drama and oh so many looks because nobody delivers like an Atlanta Housewife on reunion day. The Japanese set is redefined, understated and elegant and most of the ladies managed to stick to the theme. Check out our ranking of the reunion looks below:

8. NeNe Leakes

I have so many questions about this outfit? Did the Rich Bitch just roll out of bed? Is this the reason everyone turned on her? How was this woman ever apart of a show called Fashion Police? For someone who has attended her fair share of reunions, why the fuck did she chose this to wear a Grim Reaper's pad? At least if NeNe’s dress was ugly I could talk shit but it's just too boring to shade. I hate this entire look from her hair to her face to her attitude (extra points if you know that reference) and all I can say is better luck next year,​ if she makes it to next year.

7. Porsha Williams

This was Porsha's best season of her Housewives career but we all know she could have done better in the fashion department. Being pregnant is not an excuse for looking like a mess. I’m just confused by what’s happening, the dress itself is alright but it’s more boring than the Hot Dog King’s personality and those embellishments around her boobs are hard to look at. Above all else, what is this after sex hair? Porsha has been turning out LEWKS all season and this flat hair is the note she leaves us on?

6. Tanya Sam

I fucking love Tanya and she more than deserves a peach next season but this look confuses me. I love the black base with diamond embellishments on either side and at a cocktail party this would be a great look but I definitely expected more from the resident fashionista this season. Tanya looks amazing but this look is too simple and sweet to shade, just like Tanya herself!

5. Marlo Hampton

I’m so confused. What is Marlo trying to do and how can she brag about being the most fabulous and fashionable of the group when she walks around wearing things like this? Don’t get me wrong this dress is cute and her hair matches the look but this is something Marlo would wear out with one of her “clients” not onto the reunion stage. Marlo is all about going big or going home and with this dress she should’ve spent the day in The Hamptons because if there’s one person I expect to go BIG on reunion day it’s Marlo.

4. Kandi Burruss

The Kandi Koated Klick must have pulled out all the stops for this look because Miss Burruss looks like an Oscar in this gown. I’m obsessed with this outfit and it looks like the dress version of the season nine reunion gold jumpsuit where she was, you know, accused of raping and drugging her cast member. Kandi literally looks like one million bucks but I’m not feeling the hair. I can see what she tried to do but she should’ve paired this gold look with some long flowly black locks.

3. ​Cynthia Bailey

Has there ever been a reunion where Cynthia isn’t one of the best dressed? The thing about 51 Cynt is that she is so effortlessly beautiful but it looks like she’s almost given up in this look, don’t get me wrong Cynthia looks stunning in her simple blonde hair and sexy golden gown, however, this is what I imagine her to walk around Lake Bailey in. After almost 10 years in the game Cynthia has done every colour and every wig a girl can do and although this is beautiful I’m slightly underwhelmed.

2. Shamari DeVoe

Fuck yes Calamari! After a season of everybody teasing Shamari about her fashion choices it looks like she finally hired a stylist, found a wig that doesn’t look like a dead rodent and delivered for her first reunion on the show. As well as her simple black wig, Shamari’s green dress is life with all the netting and body grabbing going on. I literally can’t fault this outfit at all, if anything she looks like a sexy Shrek!

​1. Eva Marcille

We all know how I feel about Eva and her flip flopping shade but she WON this reunion. Every Housewife knows the way to shut it down in the fashion department on reunion day is to wear a dress that literally cannot be upstaged, if you’re wearing a dress which takes up at least half the couch then odds are you’re the best dressed. Apart from this lime green dress which has much more personality than Eva and her hippie rags, the pixie cut matches the look perfectly and it’s always great to go short. Congratulations Eva, you may have bored me for an entire season but you looked the best at the reunion!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday at 8/7c on Bravo! Stay tuned at Good Tea for our exclusive tea and shady recaps on our favourite Georgia peaches.