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Margaret Josephs And Danielle Staub Involved In Another Physical Altercation

What the fuck.

During filming for The Real Housewives of New Jersey's tenth season, Margaret Josephs and Danielle Staub's feud is still raging on with them only weeks into production already having their second physical altercation in two seasons and they will literally throw anything they can get their hands on.

According to Page Six, the two enemies were filming with the entire cast in a store located in Great Neck, Long Island when they started going at it. An insider spilled that The Marge poured a pitcher of water over Danielle's head and the Prostitution Whore retaliated by burning Margaret's purse with a lit candle.

What the fuck is happening? Is this Pokemon? Why are they fighting with fire and water?

Even though "sources" spilled tea of what happened during the physical altercation to Page Six, the outlet didn't have a reason WHY the fight broke out. Are they are just throwing things at each other for the sake of it because that's not out of the ordinary for these bitches. The "sources" also went on to say:

“The fight was crazy. It got really heated," as well as, "Margaret has a problem keeping her hands to herself and doesn’t seem to understand it’s not okay to push people or throw things at them,” another insider added.

Really? Do we have to be Einstein to figure out who this source is? Also, after she was drenched with water, Danielle was seen taking selfies moments later:

I can't wait to see her look like a wet rat.

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