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Mercedes Javid's Shahs Of Sunset Future Uncertain After Feud With Reza Farahan

Is this the end of an era?

Production for Season 8 of Shahs Of Sunset began in April, however, according to a new Page Six report it's key player Mercedes Javid could be missing out on the action. The new mother gave birth to her son Shams Feight (named after her late father) in April and she apparently is yet to sign a contract.

Sources are claiming she is “waiting for a deal that reflects her contribution to the show," which means we won't see anything about the birth of her baby until Bravo pays up.

I'm confused. Why would they start filming a show around the time the main cast member is supposed to give birth and not have her featured? That literally doesn't make sense and normally a reality show wouldn't be halfway through filming and still having negotiations with the person bringing the biggest storyline. Something isn't adding up.

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According to the article, one of the reasons MJ could be hesitating to film is because she's currently feuding with her BFF Reza Farahan who apparently blocked her on social media while she was giving birth, a source claims:

“Even though she’s not on set yet, the drama is revolving around her and her BFF Reza Farahan. He blocked her on social media while she was in the ICU giving birth. Her friend of 30 years did not reach out to her during the delivery or after and hasn’t even tried to see the baby. She believes that Reza is focused on his own marriage problems and himself.”

An insider also said Shervin Roohparvar is the only cast member to have visited her and baby Shams at all. Really? Not even Mike or Destiney? Didn't we leave last season with GG being the villain? How did it just transfer over to MJ like that?

I really hope this isn't true because they were REAL friends and if Reza wasn't there for the birth of MJ's child that's devastating. What is up with all these Bravo breakups lately? Jeff and Jenni and now the two stars of Shahs?

Only time will tell what happens on the upcoming season but if MJ's not back, I don't see any point in there even being the eighth season, didn't Bravo learn ANYTHING from Kenya?

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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