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Jill Zarin Rants About GAP Not Letting Her Use The Staff Bathroom

Money can't buy you class or use of the GAP bathroom apparently!

When everyone was at home minding their own business on Memorial Day weekend, Jill Zarin was in Southampton battling her own battle. It may not have involved fighting for the freedom of America, but for the freedom of her bladder. The Real Housewives of New York City OG cast member took to Twitter after she was shopping in GAP but declined from using the restroom in the store.

Jill tweeted:

Everyone came out of the woodwork to share their opinions as if anybody cares what they think, which caused Jill to go into a tailspin replying to fans and defending her right to use the GAP toilet as a paying customer. Yes. This is really happening?

I agree with Jill, she's a paying customer giving the store business and if she needs two minutes to do her business before she's about to pay for her goods then that's only fair.

I understand there was probably a 15-year-old worker who probably couldn't let her use the bathroom because it's "policy" but if Jill Zarin was asking me to use the bathroom at my work, I'd give her the key and look the other way. Although I agree that Jill Zarin peeing is no big deal, she was getting heated replying to fans and if you're having a slow start to your week, this will surely liven things.

Here are Jill's best responses to fans talking to her about the GAP Bathroom Fiasco of 2019, just read everything she says in her iconic nasal voice and thank me later:

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