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Jill Zarin Says Bethenny Frankel Doesn't Have Time For A Friendship

Do we want to see these former besties get back together?

Nearly ten years after they fell out of friendship, Jill Zarin is speaking out about how she believes Bethenny Frankel doesn't have time for her, or their friendship and is wanting to reconnect with her former costar.

Speaking to Jeff Lewis on his SiriusXM show, Jill told the host how their relationship is better than it has been in past years, following their reconciliation at Bobby Zarin's funeral, but doubts they'll have their old friendship back because Bethenny doesn't have time for her:

“It’s definitely better than it’s ever been since that whole thing happened, but she doesn’t have time for me, and I’m sad about that. But I understand it … I really do," adding, "she’s got a guy in Boston, she got her own place, so she doesn’t have time for me. I’d like to think we could go back to where we were, but you can’t.”

Jill spoke about wanting to rekindle her friendship with Bethenny but said she decided not to pursue anything because she was afraid the Skinnygirl mogul would think she was just doing so to get back on the show. Jill filmed SEVERAL times this season, however, she was cut out of many of her scenes and Bethenny was the only cast member she didn't shoot with.

Jeff and Jill also touched on Bethenny's insane legal drama with her crazy ex Jason Hoppy and they said what literally everyone is thinking:

ZARIN: “Life has treated her in a strange way. It’s given her a lot of rewards, but it’s also punished her. Its rewarded her financially, but…”

LEWIS: “In the form of Jason Hoppy, I mean Jesus Christ. That’s, like, the worst divorce ever.”

ZARIN: “I would have never expected it to go on so long and so horrible and the only victim there is the daughter.”

In terms of Jill's Real Housewives of New York City future, she believes fans have a right to see where she is in her life now because people are always asking when she is returning and explained how she has changed so much since the last time she held an apple:

“I’m calmer, I try to think first and I try to not take things so personally. There were definitely roads that I took the wrong way throughout the whole thing where you could go left or right,” Jill continued. “I know that, maybe, I should haven shown up at her apartment when this whole thing went down and just said, ‘What are we fighting about, let’s just make up.’ I just let it fester. … I don’t have the ego I have.”

Jill stated a full-time return with an apple in hand would probably be too much to handle, however, she definitely wants to return as an official friend to the cast, so hopefully Bravo can actually try to bring back the OG and give everyone what they want.

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