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Teresa Giudice Stuck In The Middle After Melissa Gorga's Explosive Fight With Jennifer Aydin

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They are coming in hot! The Real Housewives of New Jersey are currently filming their tenth season and the drama is explosive. As some of you may have heard, Melissa Gorga and Jennifer Aydin got into a massive argument while the cast were vacationing in The Hamptons for Teresa Giudice's birthday but now it looks like the table flipper is stuck in the middle of this feud.

According to Hollywood Life, while having lunch in Westhampton Melissa and Sixteen Bathrooms went at it over Teresa. Melissa and the other girls are apparently fed up with Danielle Staub having Tre under some kind of spell and it's been really hard for them to watch, whereas Jennifer doesn't see it as a big deal, so naturally a fight ensued. Their sources claim:

"Her cast members feel like Danielle has her under a spell almost and Danielle is a trouble maker which is why they choose to keep their distance."

Following their explosive fight where they were both standing and screaming at each other from either sides of the table (watch clip above) the trip was allegedly cut short and all the preplanned activities were cancelled. Since when did drama cut Housewives trips short? If anything shouldn't they have extended their stay? Sources revealed:

"It was so bad they had to be split up and held back by the other ladies and the trip was cut short. It seemed really stressful," adding, "everyone was looking — They were loud and disruptive but nobody knew what was going on. It was supposed to be just a relaxing trip and not the big cast trip. They had plans to go do private yoga and things like that all while celebrating Teresa Giudice’s birthday. Everything got cancelled without any explanation."

Following the argument Teresa, Melissa, Dolores Catania and Margaret Josephs were all spotted having dinner together overlooking the water which was a sign that Tre had taken her sister-in-laws side, however, according to the "sources" Jennifer is one of her closest friends so she doesn't want to pick either side.

Days after the first report emerged, Hollywood Life also reported the two sister-in-laws relationship hasn't exactly improved amid the massive Hamptons blowout. Sources are saying while Tre and Melissa are technically in a good place, they'll never be close friends:

“Teresa and Melissa will never fully see eye to eye. They’re in the best place they’ve been, but they will never be the best of friends. They tolerate one another because they’re family, but at the end of the day, they really don’t like each other that much."

As for Melissa and Jennifer, they haven't spoken since their big blowout and everybody doesn't know if they will. Apparently, everybody felt it was good to give everyone a little break from filming to let these two simmer down before they face each other again.

I don't know who leaked this article but they definitely want you to know Teresa wants everyone to get along due to her friendship with Sixteen Bathrooms and the fact that Melissa is married to her brother. Mmm. Teresa wants everyone to get along, yet her best friend is Danielle Staub? Okay then.

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