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Candiace Dillard & Ashley Darby Fight About Their White Husbands On Twitter


Following Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, the two youngest cast members Ashley Darby and Candiace Dillard extended their on-screen drama to social media and their shade was amazing.

In case you haven't been tuning into the Maryland ladies, Ashley said she was going to stop drinking so she could get pregnant but kept drinking in every scene she's in, so Candiace believed she doesn't actually want to be pregnant. The Twitter feud started once Candiace's husband Chris "Brown Dick" Bassett stated the entire issue wouldn't even exist if Ashley had not said herself that she going to stop drinking.

Ashley responded by telling Brown Dick to use this energy to stand up to Candiace's mother Dorothy (who contributes to their rent) and Candiace clapped back to this shady comment about both her husband and her mother by telling Ashley that she and her "overseer" have enough going on without her sticking her forehead in their business.

DAMN. It amazes me how Ashley can clap back at anyone about their man considering her's literally wants to suck some dick.

Like clockwork, the beard of Potomac responded by telling Candiace to make her husband stop tweeting about her and then threw in some weird irrelevant shade about her having a "colour complex" and a comment about her having hay hair. Wow, these bitches are messier than Robyn Dixon's townhouse.

Candiace clapped back shading Ashley (again) saying she doesn't have to ask her husband for an allowance and she didn't lay on her back to get the lifestyle she's holding onto. That is true, but she does ask her mama for one and Michael and Dorothy seem to be around the same age so is it any different?

As well as fighting about their white husbands, dry hair and foreheads, the two Housewives also got into it after Candiace said Ashley would come up in the "Dictionary of Hoetivities" under "hoettire" and Ashley said they shop at the same stores.

That's why Potomac is so good, they know how to throw shade but they don't need to drag the same problem out for three seasons straight.

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