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Lisa Vanderpump Sued By Employee Who Was Fired After Being On A 5150 Hold

I have heard enough about this dog shelter to last me a lifetime.

After the last season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills I'm so fucking sick and tired of talking about this woman but I’m here to report the news. Just like almost everyone of her costars, Lisa Vanderpump has found herself in the middle of a legal battle due to a disgruntled former employee coming out of the woodwork.

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, the employee who remains nameless was made Operations Manager of Vanderpump Dog Foundation in 2017. She claims she was told to sign John Sessa's name (LVP's latest little bitch + the Executive Director of the foundation) on all the checks for the business.

Although she did as she was instructed, she claims she was "reprimanded" by the vice president of Operations for doing so. I'm confused. They tell her to do something illegal and then get mad when she does it?

She claims the matter was resolved and the next payday that came around she did not sign the checks, however, a week after the incident she allegedly left work an hour early due to anxiety, was taken to the emergency room and hospitalised on a 5150 hold. Well that escalated quickly.

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Apparently during her stay in hospital John Sessa told her to take a few days off with pay to relax, however, on her first day returning to work Sessa allegedly called her saying between the checks situation and the 5150 hold that it was a “a perfect storm” and probably not the best time for her to be acting as the manager. The next day she was sent a termination notice which specifically stated her check incident.

The woman believes the illegal check situation was used as pretext to fire her “due to her perceived mental disability,” from the 5150 hold and is suing for discrimination, wrongful termination and is seeking unspecified damages. Honestly, she should be suing them for forcing her to illegally write checks at work because I'm pretty sure that's a big no no.

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