Teddi Mellencamp Explains What REALLY Happened Between Her And Camille Grammer's Daughter At The


During the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the resident pot stirrer Camille Grammer accused her random nemesis Teddi Mellencamp of snubbing her daughter, Mason Grammer, at the airport as all the ladies were boarding their flight to leave Hawaii. According to Camille, her daughter told her about the bad behaviour and Camille's cat claws came out.

Even though Camille didn't bring it up in the episode, Teddi took to her Bravo Blog to set the story straight about what actually happened with she and Mason at the airport which seems like a very uneventful situation, but Camille needs a storyline so she took the bait and ran with it. Teddi explained:

"Seeing Camille and Kimber talk about me regarding “snubbing” Camille’s daughter, Mason, was upsetting. I know I’ve gotten in some hot water speaking in absolutes, but I would absolutely never intentionally be rude or dismissive to anybody’s child. The moment they are speaking of, we (wives, husbands, etc.) were walking through security and I waved and said hello just like everybody else. If at any point Mason felt slighted then I am sincerely apologetic. I’m sure this will come up later, but am curious why Camille hasn’t mentioned to me, since at this point two weeks have passed."

Is Camille making a mountain out of a molehill or is Teddi not telling the full truth? Surely Mason can clapback herself through Twitter?

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