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Katie Rost Slams Robyn Dixon For Talking About Her Children... But It Never Happened

This is the weirdest interaction I've ever seen... and we're talking about the Real Housewives franchise.

Following Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, one season wonder and returning friend Katie Rost took to social media to confess how angry she was that she wasn't given her own confessional to talk about Robyn Dixon finding out she's more European than African in her DNA test.

Oh, and she also threw in the traditional Housewives jab of accusing Robyn of talking about her children.

Robyn responded saying she only ever asked questions about Katie's ethnicity to enlighten herself, however, Katie believes she said things repeatedly about her being mixed and claimed Robyn even mentioned her family in her confessionals in the latest season four episode.

If anyone watched the episode they would know, this never happened... which were Robyn's thoughts exactly and asked Katie what she allegedly said about her children in her confessionals last week.

Katie clapped back saying in Robyn's confessional she talked about her family by saying "a bunch of words and stuff" and then Robyn finally realised Katie wasn't entirely with the program.

Everyone keeps hinting that Katie is different this season but if she's fighting with her costars on social media about things that never even happened, she's definitely induced. Is that the politically correct term for what we're all thinking?

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