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Wendy Williams Breaks Down Over Family Drama

Now THIS is a hot topic!

While her talk show is on hiatus, Wendy Williams has been enjoying her time in Los Angeles by visiting the Kardashian clan, wishing Kanye West a Happy Birthday and posting about her expensive power lunches, however, on her last night TMZ caught up with her as she was leaving a restaurant and she got real about her tough family situation.

In case you've been living under a rock, Wendy divorced her husband Kevin Hunter after he got his mistress pregnant as well as being emotional and physically abusive to Wendy for most of their marriage. Once she filed for divorce her son Kev Jr and his dad Kev Sr then got in a physical altercation in a carpark where Kev Jr was arrested.

A TMZ paparazzi asked Wendy while she was in the car with her new boo she met in California, how she and her family were doing in the wake of her divorce and son's arrest and she stated:

“Young Kevin and I are fine. Big [Kevin], Godspeed. Sometimes in life stuff happens and it’s OK. I still got a very full life that I really adore. Please don’t make me cry.”

Of course, she then started to cry, and claimed she'd ask the media to respect her privacy but she doesn't respect anyone's privacy, so it wouldn't be a fair request but reassured everyone that the three of them were fine.

Wendy also stated her and Big Kev will see each other in the future whether it's their son's graduation, wedding or anything else that happens. The talk show host also vaguely addressed her son and ex's fist fight in a carpark saying: “They’re not apart. You know stuff happens in life.”

Check out the full video HERE!

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