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Summer House Season 4 Cast Shakeup

The cast is changing AGAIN.

Even though they didn't score themselves a reunion for their third season, the Summer House crew are returning for a fourth season which begins taping in the coming weeks, however, there are a few cast members who won't be coming back to the show in the same capacity.

According to a new report from Page Six, Danielle Olivera and Jordan Verroi have been booted from their full time positions on the cast and will no longer be bunking in the same house with their costars, leaving room for fresh blood to join the show.

Sources tell the outlet:

“They will still be on, but they won’t be back living in the house."

It looks like Danielle and Jordan have been demoted to friends of the cast, although they'll still appear in the background they allegedly won't enjoy the perks of a full time cast member. That includes appearing in the opening title sequence to the heavier pay check.

Danielle joined the show in the second season whereas Jordan only showed up in the third confusing everyone with his constant lies.

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