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Sunny Hostin Slams Bethenny Frankel Over Drug Accusations Amid Their Feud

This is getting juicy.

There's nothing I love more than a strange crossover beef between a normal celebrity and a Housewife, so this latest fight between Bethenny Frankel and Sunny Hostin from The View is amazing.

In case you haven't been keeping up, the feud started when Sunny revealed that Bethenny yelled at her child on the beach for being loud because her daughter was inside sleeping with the window open. After the Skinnygirl mogul yelled at her child, Sunny then explained she went over and told her adults speak to adults.

Of course, by the time Bethenny's latest WWHL appearance rolled around, Andy Cohen had to ask her about the incident and instead of even acknowleding that the event took place Bethenny claimed it never happened and that Sunny must be on drugs.

This is where it gets juicy.

Sunny then clapped back against the RHONY star's clap back in a tweet saying she's not surprised a reality TV personality who bullies children lies and went on to say that not only does she have witnesses but that defamation isn't cute. Oh, and then Sunny also threw in a screenshot showing how Bethenny had blocked her, just for good measure.

Can Sunny get these witnesses to speak up and spill the tea about what really happened on this fucking beach because now that she's brought it out into the universe, we need answers.

Page Six also reported on the feud, with sources weighing in saying Bethenny has finally met in her match with Sunny. Their sources explain:

“She’s met her match. Sunny isn’t going to take her s - - t. You’re not going to bully someone with a brain. Welcome to the real world and not the reality world. She’s used to these ‘Housewives'. She can’t bully Sunny. She’s smart and a lawyer with a brain. Her response is blocking her because what else can she do? And by the way, Sunny has no reason to lie about this.”

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