Jax Taylor's Post Sex Conversation With Faith Stowers Finally Revealed


Only a week before Jax Taylor is set to walk down the aisle with his bride-to-be Brittany Cartwright, the alleged conversation which took place between him and Faith Stowers, while they fucked next to an old lady has finally been revealed.

If your Bravo knowledge doesn't extend that far back, Jax cheated on Brittany with their co-worker Faith while she was looking after an elderly woman who slept in a bed adjacent to them while they had sex. Faith "accidentally" left her voice recording on because she was (allegedly) recording music when he arrived, so her iPhone just happened to pick up their post-sex conversation.

The entire Vanderpump Rules cast heard the audio recording on the show after DJ James Kennedy found it on Faith's phone, although, it wasn't shown on the show for the legal reasons, the VPR Party Podcast got their hands on a copy of the actual audio recording and someone transcribed the alleged conversation word for word.

Now, word on the curb is that this may only be one section of the recording that was broken up into bits, but we just have to appreciate what's fallen into our lap.

There's no point me transcribing an already transcribed conversation, so take a look at the conversation below which involves Jax saying he'll never marry Brittany (lol), that he wanted to have a threesome with her but was stopped when Katie Maloney got in the way and a whole lot of snorting.

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