Ashley & Michael Darby's Restaurant Oz Is Officially Closing Down


After opening their Australian restaurant in 2015, Ashley Darby and her "husband" Michael are officially closing it down and using their soon to be born baby as an excuse to do so.

According to ARLnow, the Darbys decided to close their restaurant in Clarendon this weekend to prepare for their expected baby. Oz was an Australian themed restaurant which nobody wanted to go to when it first opened in 2015 and we saw the stress it put onto the Darby's relationship. How it survived four years I have no idea, however, the article claims Michael credits their change in chef for keeping it open.

Ashley and Michael are blaming the forthcoming arrival of their baby for the reason they have to close down the restaurant because they won't have enough time to give to Oz. Yeah, I'm sure a baby is why they are randomly shutting their doors this weekend and not the fact that nobody wants to eat emu.


In a joint statement to the outlet, the couple announced the news:

"Michael and Ashley Darby announce, with regret, that they have decided to close Oz Restaurant and Bar. As you all know, both Michael and Ashley are involved in multiple businesses and are expecting a baby boy in the very near future. They have decided that there was just not enough time to dedicate the right amount of time to raising their son and continuing to run the restaurant.

‘It has been four years since the restaurant opened and we have had the best employees anyone could ask for and we have made so many new friends who have patronized Oz.’ said Ashley.

‘I’m sad to see my little slice of Australia disappear but I have so many good memories of people enjoying the Australian experience at Oz. We are replacing one Aussie baby with a new one-half Aussie baby.’ said Michael.

Oz will serve its last meal this Sunday with an extended brunch. Please come in this weekend to say goodbye."

You would think Ashley would focus on her husband's sexuality rather than preparing for her baby by shutting down this restaurant, but I guess everyone is different.

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