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Jim Marchese Allegedly Refuses To Pay For His Son's College Because He's Gay

Call me Barbara Walters because this is some top-notch investigative journalism.

Everybody knows Jim Marchese has gross homophobic views following his Twitter tirade last year but now it seems as if his old school values are affecting his relationship with his own gay son. One of my followers sent me a story of an 18-year-old student named "James Marchese" who started a GoFundMe page in order to pay for college after his father refused to do so after he learned he was gay.

According to Instinct Magazine, "James" dreamed of attending Fairfield University in Connecticut, however, his dad refused to fund it after he found out his sexuality. Apparently, his step-mother (Amber Marchese) found "gay material" on his brother's phone which caused both "James" and his brother to come out to their parents. This is when the financial support was pulled.

James AKA Michael pictured above.

He revealed in his GoFundMe bio that he and his brother are now living with their biological mother after receiving mental abuse from their father, however, she cannot financially afford to help send him to college. He explained:

"Since this time, my father has been slowly cutting ties with me until I "live according to his standards." Essentially, this meant - and still means - that I have to be "straight" and date women while "admitting" that I chose to be gay so that I could get something out of it from my mother. With this, my father has refused to help in paying for any schooling because he believes I have to live in his home and follow his preferred life-style to be good enough to receive any financial assistance with school."

Due to "James" excelling in school, he was given a scholarship for his freshman year which covers half of the costs which is around $30,000, so he's asking for people to donate to his GoFundMe page to reach his total of $35,000. So far, he has $3,825 in donations from the last few days. He also states he wants to turn this into a positive and expand the LGBT presence at the university.

The article states "James" still wants a relationship with his father, who he asked to remain nameless along with his stepmother. Due to his parents remaining nameless the mainstream media hasn't found the story yet and put together the dots, however, let's breakdown what we know:

He's 18, which is exactly the age range of how old their eldest Michael would be, his last name is Marchese, he has a homophobic father and stepmother (Amber was only his stepmother), they live in New Jersey and the photos look EXACTLY like their son Michael, so he is probably using James as his name to somewhat stay anonymous.

If this is a just coincidence then Santa Claus must be real.

Amber has deleted all signs of Michael from her social media, however, there's still a photo from Christmas 2017 and their son Michael looks EXACTLY like "James" from the article.

It confuses me why he wanted to keep his parent's unnamed in the article. If Housewives Nation got wind of this story his GoFundMe would have more than enough views and he could pay for his college education off the backs of everyone knowing what a homophobic asshole his father is.

Sure, maybe I'm wrong but how many other people are there who live in New Jersey, with the last name Marchese with homophobic parents and also happen to look EXACTLY like Amber and Jim's eldest son. Who else could this be?!


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