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Lisa Vanderpump Speaks Out After Mother's Death & Skips Jax and Brittany's Wedding

She's breaking her silence!

Following the death of Lisa Vanderpump's mother only a few days ago at age 84, she's finally speaking out about her latest loss only a year after her brother's overdose. Sources claim LVP's mother Jean died of an embolism that went to her brain.

The former Beverly Hills Housewife sent out two tweets following the passing of her mother. The first was a photo of her family including both her brother Mark and her mother Jean, acknowledging she doesn't have any time for negativity and thanking everyone for their condolences.

The second tweet was a photo of Villa Rosa full of flowers that had been sent to her, saying she now lives in a flower shop. Doesn't her house always look like that?

LVP stopped filming Vanderpump Rules and flew to London to organise funeral arrangements for her mother. As Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright's Kentucky wedding is this week, it's extremely likely she'll miss their nuptials while she's in England.

Speaking of Kentucky's wedding of the century, the couple fired their homophobic pastor from officiating their wedding and replaced him with the complete opposite: Lance Bass. A source told E! News:

"Lance Bass was asked to officiate the wedding due to Lisa having to fly back to the UK to deal with her family matters. Lisa has told Jax and Brittany that it's unlikely she will attend their wedding and arranged for Lance to fulfill the duties."

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