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Kyle & Kim Richards No Longer Speaking After Fight About Kim's Breakdown

The Richards sisters are at it again!

Kyle Richards fighting with her sister Kim Richards about her sobriety is a tale as old as time, and they obviously don't need Bravo cameras present to do so. In case you haven't been keeping up, Kim was admitted to the UCLA E.R. for being incoherent, rambling and what seemed like a mental breakdown.

The reality star turned alcoholic then checked herself out, against medical advice, and her family was allegedly frantically trying to find her until she resurfaced at her house the next day.

Drama follows this hot mess ex-Housewife everywhere and it's pretty clear her hospital visit was the cause of some sort of relapse.

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After Kim fled the hospital, Kyle was very concerned according to Hollywood Life and decided to reach out to her sister, but of course, it didn't go as planned. At all. Sources told the outlet:

“The two sat down and had a conversation and Kyle is upset and frustrated because Kim did not take well to it. Kim felt Kyle’s words came out harsh and that Kyle was overstepping her boundaries and [was] out of line. But Kyle felt it was her duty as her sister to let her know that she’s here to help and [that she’s] concerned.”

The two then got into a heated argument and haven't spoken since. Kyle is apparently stressed out over the entire situation while Kim still thinks she's fine and that there's no issue. Fuck, these two really haven't changed since season one. The source explained:

“Kim checked herself out of the hospital, which added to Kyle’s concerns, but Kim did this because she truly believes she has no problem and didn’t need to be there. Kyle was just trying to help and let Kim know that she’s here for her. She just wants the best for her sister."

I know it's a controversial subject but I'm firmly #TeamKyle. Kim has been doing this shit to her for years. When Kyle shows concern and tries to help her sister, Kim gets mad, says there's no problem and tells her sister to leave her alone, however, when Kyle does leave Kim alone then she comes out with all her bullshit about Kyle not being there for her.

When it comes to her sister, Kyle Richards just can't fucking win.

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