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Kelly Dodd Reacts To *That* Train Rumor

This clap back is strong.

Following Vicki Gunvalson's accusing her former friend Kelly Dodd of doing cocaine at the season 13 reunion, she not only doubled down on the allegations but came up with new ones on a recent episode of the show.

Speaking to PEOPLE, the infamous cunt caller reacted to all the "lies" the OG of the OC has been spreading about her on TV. When asked about the initial coke rumor, Kelly continued to deny the claims by talking about how it affected her daughter and explaining just how damaging it is:

“Vicki has never seen me do cocaine, she has no basis for it. I want to tell my daughter not to even try drugs. I always feel like monkey-see-monkey-do, like if you go down that road your kid’s most likely gonna go down that road… Drugs ruin families. And for Vicki to say that, it really hurt my daughter."

You would think these two are arguing over a murder, when it's really just a couple of lines.

After Vicki said she knew people who did cocaine with Kelly, she also "tried" not to bring up a rumor about Kelly doing a sex train but was on the verge of an orgasm when Tamra Judge divulged the secret on camera. When asked about that rumor by PEOPLE, Kelly continued to say the "friend of" was full of lies and even lied about where she heard the allegations:

“Vicki makes everything up. She said, you know, that I’ve done a sex train. Did Vicki see me do it? Because you can say anything, you can [spread] rumors all you want. I’ve seen Vicki eat a bunch of edibles and I don’t like [it], I don’t care."

That's not all. Kelly also called the demoted OG a "big fat liar" and said she called the people who Vicki claimed told her the rumors and they all said they never said anything to the queen of Coto Insurance. Is doing a few lines of coke and having a sex train even that bad? Is that really the best Vicki can come up with because that sounds like a fun weekend to me.

Kelly ended the interview by stating a very well known fact, that Vicki is a con woman, and brought up her lawsuit with an 82-year-old woman who she (allegedly) conned through an insurance deal as well as saying she was sued in her previous wine business venture:

“[Vicki] cons people. She tries to con the public, making up storylines.”

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