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Brandi Glanville Sues Landlord After Mold Made Her Kids Sick

This is so fucking bad.

Wherever Brandi Glanville goes, drama follows. The reality TV shit-stirrer and one of the greatest Housewives of all time, is suing her landlord for $1.5 million after a roof leak in her condo caused mold to grow all over her home and made her kids sick.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the former Housewife informed her landlord of the "emergency and fairly bad leak" that was in the roof as well as telling him about the moldy odour coming from the condo several times, however, he never fixed the problem. Brandi says the managers of the condo complex were aware of the problem and they failed to make timely repairs to the unit as well as (allegedly) ignoring the opinion of the expert mold consultants (is that a job?) who assessed the problem.

Wow, Brandi got fucked by the mold and her landlord. Isn't it literally a human rights violation to make someone live in a mold infested apartment? It sounds pretty fucking illegal to me, but hey, what do I know, I'm not a "mould consultant."

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Brandi stated in the documents that the conditions became so bad her son Mason got "physical symptoms" from the mold growth and they were forced to move to a hotel because her and her children became so sick. Due to the landlord ignoring a serious issue which affected their health, Brandi is suing for negligence as they disregarded the family's health and safety. She wants $1.5 million.

Even seeing Brandi having to evacuate her home from the growing mold would be a more riveting storyline than Puppy Gate. Can someone please bring her back to Beverly Hills and if not, can Brandi just start showing up to the tapings unannounced? WE NEED HER.

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