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Kathryn Dennis Accused Of Causing Second Car Crash Within A Month

What a mess.

Everybody's favorite hot-headed redhead has found herself in the middle of another drama. Kathryn Dennis was given a traffic ticket from the Mount Pleasant Police Department after she was involved in a four-car crash, that she may or may not have instigated herself.

According to police reports obtained by ABC News, Kathryn rear-ended a vehicle when a line of cars were stopped at the traffic lights. The reality star turned mother-of-two allegedly hit the second car which caused a chain reaction and ended with two more cars being rear-ended, bringing the total of vehicles involved to four. Kathryn's two kids were in the car during the collision.

The police report explained that airbags deployed in Kathryn's car and the first car she hit, however, nobody from any of the four cars involved was injured. Officers at the scene also ruled drugs and alcohol had nothing to do with the crash, which helps Kathryn in defending her sobriety but not so much her driving skills.

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This latest crash comes less than a month after her last incident on the road. According to the Mount Pleasant Police Department on August 2nd, Kathryn's car ran off the road and hit a guardrail, three trees, and two light poles after she allegedly got distracted by her children in the back. Luckily nobody was injured. How the fuck do you hit three trees and not even have a scrap?

As lucky as Kathryn is that nobody was harmed, we all know this will be the next thing T-Rape adds to his custody battle.

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