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Camille Grammer Says Producers Told Her Kyle Richards Didn't Want Her Back

Someone take this woman's phone away.

Following Camille Grammer claiming her former frenemy (and fake bridesmaid), Kyle Richards got her fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the last standing OG made it clear that wasn't the case and denied the claims, however, like clockwork, Camille started writing shady responses about Kyle's clap back instantly.

In a series of tweets, Camille more or less said Kyle was lying, saying she can "spin away" and that she hasn't heard a peep out of her for months.

Gasp! Are these two not real friends? And in case you're wondering, yes that's fucking sarcasm.

Camille also clapped back to an article about Kyle denying she got her fired by claiming the producers told her Kyle didn't want her back.

As crazy as Camille sounds, her claims do make sense. Kyle was the only one left who actually liked the "friend of," so if she wasn't willing to film with her then there would've been no way for her to return.

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