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Katie Rost Reveals The REAL Reason She Left The Cayman Islands Trip Early & Shades Robyn Dixon&#


Following the season finale of The Real Housewives of Potomac, viewers still had questions about Katie Rost's disappearance after she left the Cayman Island trip early without telling any of her cast members and now Katie is revealing the real reason she left in the middle of the night without checking out of the hotel.

In an Instagram post, the friend of said she was sick, so the hotel doctor gave her antibiotics and told her not to sit in the sun. If you remember the next day, the ladies had to do exactly that, lay in the sun. After she felt even worse from being in the sun, Katie left Grand Cayman after notifying production.

When she got back to Maryland she found out she was pregnant and told Gizelle Bryant, Robyn Dixon and production two days before the La Dame party. Sadly, she lost the baby a few months later. Katie and her bad wigs also took the time to shade the "host" of the trip, Robyn. She said Robyn's Amex would always get declined when paying for dinner and that she was late to her OWN trip.

I thought Bravo paid for these trips?

Next Katie took a swipe at the producers of the show calling them liars and assholes and saying they treat their employees like shit. She claims they edited out her leaving the Grand Cayman trip early because she was pregnant and went on to say the production company has a bad reputation, also accusing them of "trumping" up Michael Darby's sexual assault charges. Oh, and she called Ashley Darby a bottom feeder which isn't surprising...

Following Katie's tirade on social media, calling out the producers and shading Robyn's finances, Robyn actually replied accusing Katie of drinking while being pregnant at the La Dame party. Holy shit that is MEH-SSY, especially considering her miscarriage...

I know there's zero chance Katie will back for season five after being excluded from the reunion and speaking out against the producers, but we need her. Katie is a dysfunctional breath of fresh air and we need her in the group!

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