Kelly Dodd Reveals She's Engaged Only Weeks After Breaking Up With Her Ex

What the fuck is happening?

Only a few weeks after Kelly Dodd broke up with her ex-boyfriend Dr. Brian, the reality star is now revealing that she's already engaged to her new man. Yes, you're not the only one confused here.

For the last three weeks, Kelly has been gushing over her new boyfriend Rick Leventhal on social media and now they're apparently getting married next year. The engagement news came after a fan commented on her post saying Rick is a 10/10 and The Real Housewives of Orange County star replied saying "that's weird because we are getting married on 10/10/2020."

What the fuck?

Of course, the resident cunt caller of the OC could be joking around, however, the Best of Bravo Instagram page slid into Kelly's DMs to ask if the news was true and she replied with a simple yes.

So it's official guys, Kelly's getting hitched in October next year... I guess. When you know you know, and even though Kelly was already talking about marriage with her plastic surgeon ex on the show last week, I guess she only needed three weeks to decide she wanted to marry this new guy.

Speaking of her thirsty ex, in the comments of the same post that Kelly revealed she was getting married to Rick, she also shaded Dr. Brian saying he doesn't have any style or fashion sense.

I am so confused and I'm taking this engagement news with a grain of salt until we get a PEOPLE exclusive.

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