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Danielle Staub Calls Off 21st Engagement

SHE WAS ENGAGED 21 TIMES!!! *throws table*

I still will never understand how it's humanly possible to be engaged almost two dozen times, however, Danielle Staub must have a pussy made of gold if she's managed to somehow convince 21 innocent men to want to spend the rest of their lives with her.

Can she start teaching classes? Do you think she can name all 21 of her victims? I have SO many questions.

According to PEOPLE, the "friend of" the Housewives has called off her latest engagement to Oliver Maier after he popped the question during their trip to St. Barths earlier this year, just one week after her divorce to #20 aka Marty Caffrey was finalized.

If you recall, they were supposed to tie the knot in March, however, they decided to postpone the wedding so Danielle could spend more time with her children. Could they at least try to come up with a plausible excuse?

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Ever since the postponing of the wedding, we haven't heard anything about this couple and it turns out that's because they're no longer together. Last week Danielle spoke to Us Weekly and stated she's currently single and in love with her business. Does that make her business #22? The Prostitution Whore explained;

“Love life is great. I’m in love with my business. … I’m not interested in dating, I’m totally off the market, and I have seven men as business partners. I have work husbands. That’s what we’re going to call them. I’m working. I do about 14 hours a day.”

She also shared we will see some things play out between her and Oliver on the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, however, she doesn't know how much. As she's a "friend" of the show we'll be lucky to see a frame of her relationship issues play out.

She also declared she's having a hiatus from dating to focus on her "business" (I still don't what that is) and confirmed that a year after filing for divorce from Marty, the estranged couple are still living together, however, after the sale of their home, Danielle will keep on living there. Danielle shared:

“He and I are getting along just fine. Yeah, and we’re finishing up the sale on the house, so we will be announcing that soon, and I will definitely be staying. It’s gotten very peaceful. When you remove all the noise, I think things settle in where they’re supposed to.”

Drama follows this woman EVERYWHERE. How was she engaged to #21 and still living with #20? I'm so confused but it's definitely not surprising to anyone that her 21st engagement ended the exact same way as the 20 others that came before it.

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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