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Katie Rost Reacts To Robyn Dixon Accusing Her Of Drinking While Pregnant

This shit is dark.

Following Sunday's finale episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, friend of the show and exiled cast member, Katie Rost logged onto social media to tell the world she left the cast trip early because she was pregnant and slammed the producers for giving her a bad edit.

In the process of her Instagram rant, where she spilled loads of tea (read it here), Katie also claimed Robyn Dixon's Amex was declined on the Cayman Islands trip after she tried paying for dinner. Ouch.

While I definitely think Robyn's card has been declined more times than Gizelle Bryant has got involved in drama that doesn't concern her, it's my understanding Bravo pays for these cast trips and all the expenses, so I don't see why Robyn would be paying for everybody to eat when Bravo is flipping the check.

Anywho, that didn't stop Green-Eyed Bandit #2 from clapping back on social media and accusing Katie of drinking while pregnant at the La Dame finale party.

(In her Instagram rant, Katie claimed she told Robyn, Gizelle and production she was pregnant two days before the party.)

Drinking while pregnant is a big claim, especially in THIS group because some of them don't even think you should be drinking when you're trying to get knocked up.

However, this case is definitely is more serious than just a shady dig on social media due to the fact that Katie miscarried the child five months later and her mental state wasn't great during filming either. Those bad wigs were a clear indication of that.

In response to the allegation, Katie commented (and deleted) her reply on our Instagram post about the initial story, and shaded Robyn calling her "Rachael Dolezal" and said she'd love to see the footage of her chugging champagne on camera.

This issue is dark and I'm just sad Bravo won't be giving us anymore Katie for season five because there is no way she could come back after the amount she's bashed the producers this season. Katie is my favorite of Potomac and the show definitely won't be the same without her dysfunctional, inebriated background energy.

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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