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Fofty Cent Reignites Feud With Lala Kent & Randall Emmett, Accuses Her Of Drug Use And She Claps


Doesn't everyone know by now that talking about Fofty Cent is just going to end in him trolling you on Instagram? Obviously Lala Kent didn't get that memo because after she claimed to have receipts on the rapper, he clapped back on social media in the only way he knows how - by coming for her entire life.

Following Lala claiming to have receipts that she knocked Fofty's ego, the rapper took to Instagram in a SERIES of posts to accuse the reality star turned sugar baby of drug use, drinking and being a gold digger. Fofty also came for her fiance, Randall Emmett, making fun of him for basically paying Lala for sex and even shaded his double chins. Yes, you read that right, his PLURAL chins.

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Instead of me dissecting every single one of Fofty's shady Instagram posts, scroll through at your leisure and enjoy the shit show that is this petty Instagram war.

Oh, and he even managed to bring Randall's ex-wife Ambyr Childers into the feud after she was LIVING for 50's latest roast of the couple.

After two days of the rapper posting up a storm about the Vanderpump Rules star, Lala finally decided to clap back by claiming she had never done cocaine, or any drug in her entire life and maintained she is still sober after vowing never to drink alcohol ever again.

Are we really supposed to believe nothing has ever gone up her nose when the reality show she stars on is literally built on "pasta"?

Following Lala's retaliation to the claims, Fofty couldn't help himself and posted a screenshot of Lala's clap back with the caption "Shut up bitch. You started with the wrong person. Goodnight."

Is this feud ever going to end? Who the fuck knows but watch this space to see all the latest Fofty drama unfold.

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