Gizelle Bryant Confirms Her Ex-Husband Was Phaedra Parks' Mr. Chocolate

This is the crossover I needed.

Following the first installment of The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion, Gizelle Bryant appeared on WWHL to talk about rekindling her relationship with her cheating ex-husband, Jamaal Bryant, and gave Andy Cohen a bullshit answer about their relationship together:

“He and I have been divorced for 12 years, so a lot has happened in 12 years. We’re really, really good friends and we respect each other and I think at the end of it, it’s all about love and respect and family.”

Okay cool. Did anyone learn anything about their relationship from that short story of an answer? Are they fucking? How did they start seeing each other again? Does he live with her? Is she moving to Atlanta? I need answers and Gizelle is not going to give them to us.

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However, Andy did his job correctly and asked the Potomac Housewife about the rumors her ex-husband (and now-boyfriend) was Phaedra Parks’ Mr. Chocolate, and she admitted those rumors were true. Although Gizelle did confirm THAT was the man they referred to as Mr. Chocolate, she couldn’t give us a straight answer on whether or not the couple dated. She told Andy when asked if they dated;

“I thought it was funny. He denied it and I’m cool with that. I don’t know. He says no, she says yes. Who knows? She said yes to her friends.”

Who do we believe? A man with a cheating past or a woman who lied about her costar wanting to rape another costar? Mmm. The jury is out.

Andy also asked Gizelle if she cares about him being involved with Phaedra is some way or another and she stated:

“Not at all. Care nothing about Phaedra. She’s not important.”

Okay. So that is shade.

To refresh your memory, back in season seven of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Phaedra’s ex-husband Apollo Nida accused her of cheating on him with a man named Mr. Chocolate after he found texts between them on her phone. This, of course, caused Kenya Moore to bring it up over dinner and ended with Shady Phae Phae attempting to hit her with her purse. Oh, the good old days.

Two seasons later at the season nine reunion, Phaedra claimed that she was texting “Mr. Chocolate” for support around the time Apollo was going to prison, however, she claims she never slept with him and that *those* texts Apollo found were between her female friend named White Chocolate.

Clearly, Gizelle has some intel to prove Phaedra has been telling people she was romantically involved with her ex-husband but it’s just a proven liars word against a proven cheaters word. You decide.

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