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LeeAnne Locken Reveals Who Told D'Andra Simmons Rich Was Cheating


Last season on The Real Housewives of Dallas, D'Andra Simmons decided to accuse her former BFF LeeAnne Locken's husband of having an affair, and this season it's all anyone can talk about. We've never seen any evidence from D'Andra to prove Rich Emberlin cheated, however, LeeAnne decided to set the record straight and let everyone know where D'Andra heard the rumor.

During her appearance on The Jenny McCarthy Show, LeeAnne was asked by Jenny why Little Miss Trust Fund initially decided to bring up the rumor on the show and the Mouth of the South explained the entire story.

According to LeeAnne and her hands, Rich has a stalker that will tell anyone who will listen that she's been having sex with him and instead of vetting the source, D'Andra just decided to come out and repeat it. LeeAnne explained:

“There is a woman in town who’s had a massive crush on my husband since before I started dating him, She was his dental hygienist, she’s literally been so bad. She went to the psych ward, like 72 hour mandatory hold, she beat up her husband. This is the woman who reached out to D’Andra to say that she slept with my husband. She’s also reached out to me to say she slept with my husband. She’s also reached out to every other person that we know. Instead of doing background on the person who gives you the information, D’Andra just took the information and repeated it.”

Jenny (who I'm also obsessed with) asked LeeAnne why D'Andra would throw her under the bus like that and said in "our friendships" (referring to her and LeeAnne's friendships) they would take them to the side and say it off-camera, however, LeeAnne explained she doesn't believe D'Andra was ever a friend to her:

"You said the word. Our friendships. That is where it gave me so much eyeopening moments for me. I know I was a really good friend to you, is this showing that you were never a really good friend to me? Was it a love that was unreciprocated?"

The ladies then discussed LeeAnne wanting to repair her broken friendships on the show and she admitted she doesn't want to fight with anybody but said if you're going to come for her, you better be ready. Mmm. Doesn't that sound like one of Bethenny Frankel's old taglines?

Bravo's resident carny then went on to remind everyone that we've never seen one receipt from D'Andra:

“I’m at a place now [where] I don’t wanna fight, but you know if you come for me, you’ve got to really be ready. Get your shit straight, because if you’ve got receipts… have you noticed we have not seen receipt number one on my husband? We still talking about it, but we ain’t seen receipt number one. You apparently have a very big wallet and purse, why don’t you pull those receipts out?”

The topic of Mama Dee and D'Andra's twisted relationship also came up which caused LeeAnne to reveal that "everyone in Dallas" knew the company was going to shit and that Mama Dee was floating the business with her deceased husband’s money while she was still in charge.

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Even though LeeAnne is no longer friends with D'Andra, she did make it clear that she does believe Mama Dee intentially set her up to fail.

LeeAnne Locken KNOWS how to give a juicy interview and this one is definitely no exception, watch the video to see the Mouth of the South spill all the tea about her wedding and her fellow Dallas Housewives.

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