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Jack Stirrup Cheated On Aesha Scott

Men are the worst.

Due to Below Deck Mediterranean not getting a reunion this year, Jack Stirrup and Aesha Scott had to reveal the status of the relationship on the After Show which is the only saving grace from Bravo denying us a reunion.

In the clip, Jack claimed he decided to break up with Aesha after the show because it felt it was a forced situation and was “not reality,” however when the producers asked Aesha what happened they got an entirely different story.

According to everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed kiwi, Jack was arranging for her to visit him in London so she could meet his family but said she couldn’t come until after he attended a family wedding. Meanwhile, Aesha noticed his “ex-girlfriend” had been viewing her Instagram stories, so she looked at her Instagram and saw the girl had posted a photo of her and Jack at the wedding.

Mic fucking drop.

Jack was dating a girl before the show, hooked up with Aesha and asked her to be his girlfriend in an elaborate display of affection before going back to London and getting with his girlfriend. Men are pigs.

Aesha confirmed he admitted to cheating on her and his cunt of a girlfriend even had the audacity to message Aesha telling her to stop messaging “her boyfriend.” In the end, Jack blocked her from everything and the two haven’t spoken since.

Jack went from being a loveable British sailor to a scumbag. The most fucked up part is that JACK was the one who asked Aesha to be his girlfriend, even though he already had one. He obviously gets caught up in his emotions and thinks with his dick but that is not an excuse to be an asshole to someone.

Well, that’s all folks. This news isn’t surprising considering they live across the world from each other but it’s still devastating. Jack can choke.

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