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Kate Chastain Reveals Why She's No Longer Friends With Hannah Ferrier

Chief stew beef!

The Below Deck chief stews, Kate Chastain and Hannah Ferrier, are notorious for instilling fear in their interior crew so the idea of the two in a fight with each other is insane.

In the past, Kate and Hannah have posted photos together and would even keep contact with each other from time to time, however, it turns out their relationship is more dead than anything that came out of Chef Mila’s kitchen.

A fan tweeted Kate asking why she was being so critical of Hannah on social media and she responded by saying she doesn’t consider people who talk shit about her behind her back to be a friend.


I need to fucking know everything that went down and all we can do is pray that Hannah claps back to try and explain her side of the story. Let's hope Andy Cohen gets to the bottom of this the next time one of them is on WWHL.

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In this war of the chief stews Kate is the obvious winner because her resting bitch face could trump Hannah’s any day of the week.

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