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Lisa Vanderpump Claps Back At Sarah Paulson After She Threw Shade

I fucking love a crossover beef.

There’s nothing I love more than a Housewife feuding with a random celebrity and this incident between Lisa Vanderpump and actress Sarah Paulson is probably one of the best.

First of all, Sarah Paulson is a Queen with all her work and her love of the Housewives franchise only adds to her likable, relatable persona. In a Lie Detector Test video for Vanity Fair, the interviewer asked Sarah her opinion on LVC exiting the show and she responded honestly by saying:

“Um, you know, I don’t want her coming after me on Twitter, but I won’t miss her. I miss the dynamic she brings to the group — which is, you know, the fear of God she instills in everyone. But no, I won’t miss her. I met her once at a party. She wasn’t that nice to me. Am I going to get in trouble for that? She wasn’t that nice!”

I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with anyone more. If you’ve ever read one of my recaps on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, then you’ll know exactly how I feel about the calculating, conniving, manipulative shrew that is Lisa Vanderpump. Was that too much?

Like clockwork, LVP clapped back on Twitter because if anything she’s a keyboard warrior and replied to Sarah’s comments by pulling a Mariah Carey and saying “I don’t know her.” The geriatric reality star also claimed she had never even met Sarah.

Okay, well this is awkward because some nosy fans found a photo of Lisa standing NEXT TO Sarah in a photo on Andrew Randell’s Instagram while Sarah is literally holding Giggi. This tea is too good to not be served. Who’s side are you on?

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