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Jill Zarin Claims Mario Singer Pushed Her & Revealed Ramona Divorced Him After He Got His Mistre

Can we add this to the list of reasons why Bravo needs to throw everybody's favorite Upper East Side redhead an apple?

During a recent appearance on Jeff Lewis Live, Jill Zarin spilled the tea on Mario Singer pushing her at a Hamptons party way back when in 2011. Their altercation made headlines at the time, however, this is the first time we've ever got any clarification of what went down.

To set the scene, season four of The Real Housewives of New York City was airing and Mario was allegedly mad about how Jill had been talking about his wife in the press. When Jeff Lewis asked Jill about Mario's temper on his radio show, the OG New York Housewife explained:

“He can be kind of mean. Not only that, he pushed me once. He didn’t hurt me but he pushed me. So, we’re in line [for food], Bobby’s at the bar as usual. Mario comes over to me and he puts his hands on me and pushes me. And he says, ‘I don’t like the way you talk about Ramona.'”

Jill said she immediately called over the late and great Bobby Zarin, who took Mario to the side and spoke to him. While Jill doesn't exactly know what was said, she never got the business from Mr. Singer Stinger ever again. Jill being Jill, elaborated on Ramona Singer's cheating ex-husband's temper, which we even saw through the TV. Jill stated:

“I thought about calling the police. He probably had something to drink. He literally put his hands on me and pushed me out of the line. He was abusive. I think he had a very bad temper, I’ve seen it! I don’t know if he’s ever did anything with Ramona, but I know he was definitely verbally abusive.”

In a statement to PEOPLE, Ramona and Mario's rep denied the allegations and told the outlet:

“This is ridiculous. Mario was not abusive. He and Ramona have a great relationship right now. And Jill and Ramona are friends now. Anything that happened was all in the past.”

Why bother making a statement at all if it's going to be that boring? Give us some juice or keep your mouth shut.

Even though Mario is claiming he wasn't abusive, Zarin said she had "very important" witnesses who were Oprah's producers, who saw the whole thing go down. As Jill said, Oprah witnesses are another kind of witness, am I right?

That wasn't all. While they were on the topic of Mario, Jill dropped the bomb that the final straw in Ramona and Mario's relationship was him getting his mistress pregnant. Jill said:

“Did he have a baby? I know he got a girl pregnant... You didn’t know? That’s why they broke up… It’s not breaking news. It was on Page Six.”

She's not wrong. Back in 2013, Page Six reported that "multiple sources" had told them Mario was having an affair with a young THOT all over the Hamptons and that he even paid for her abortion after she got pregnant with his child. What a gentleman.

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Jill is everybody's fun, nosy aunt who has all the tea on your distant relatives and always has a juicy story in her back pocket that she can bring out at the drop of a hat. Bravo, give this woman her apple back!

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