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Police Report Of Kelly Dodd's Violent School Fight Exposed

The receipts ALWAYS come out.

As we all know Vicki Gunvalson is the absolute worst, however, her latest allegations against Kelly Dodd finally have some proof to back them up.

The OG of the OC has spent her demotion from The Real Housewives of Orange County accusing Kelly of doing coke, pulling an eight-man sex train and alleging she was banned from her daughter's school. Now her most recent allegation has some evidence thanks to a 2015 police report.

I hate using Radar Online as a source because their stories are faker than Vicki's latest face, however, they did manage to obtain Kelly's police report. Back in September 2015, Kelly (allegedly) got in a fight with Heidi Delgadillo, who was the new girlfriend of Dodd’s ex-fiancé, on the school grounds. This is how things played out.

Apparently, Kelly entered the classroom raging at Heidi after they had a verbal altercation the previous day at the school. Kelly walked in screaming: "Fuck you bitch, you’re nothing but a stripper" while waving money in the girl's face.

This is such a classic Dodd move and proves she was made to be a Housewife.

Heidi then (allegedly) grabbed Kelly and “dug her nails into her arm," so the OC Housewife retaliated by grabbing her upper arm. According to the police report, Heidi had "several red and dark markings on her inner right arm [and] the markings appeared to be scratches that were beginning to bruise." While the officer also observed Kelly had "several markings on her lower right forearm.”

In legal documents, Kelly described the incident herself and it sounds pretty close to what Heidi had explained to the officers. Kelly stated:

“[She] says, ‘Look at your fake bag,’ I, in turn, said, ‘Look at your fake hair, fake boobs and fake lips.’ She, in turn, digs her nails into my arm, in defense I put my nails into her.”

Can you imagine your mother getting into a fistfight in your classroom with her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend? This is some serious daytime soap shit.

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Following the altercation at school, the outlet claims both women were banned from the school grounds. The resident cunt caller of OC, then went on to file a restraining order against the mother where she provided Facebook messages, where Delgadillo called her an “insecure cougar with a fat kid.” Who is this bitch?

Kelly also described the ongoing drama between her and Heidi stating:

“Things are out of control. Things are escalating. I have been at this school for five years and she comes and attacks me!”

This is fucking insane, and although Vicki should never have said this on-camera, at least she can say she's not lying (about this). Can someone give Heidi an orange for season 15 because this is a dynamic that was born to be on reality TV?

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