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Lisa Vanderpump Can't Stop Talking About The Sarah Paulson Drama

It's past this old lady's bedtime and she needs to go to sleep.

Last week, actress Sarah Paulson made headlines after she shaded Lisa Vanderpump saying she won't miss her on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and that she met her at a party once and she wasn't very nice. That was all. She stated her opinion and went on her way.

However, like clockwork, LVP couldn't miss her chance to be a messy keyboard warrior behind the screen and clapped back on Twitter, pulling a Mariah Carey, and basically saying, "I don't know her." However, a fan pulled out the receipts of Lisa and Sarah together on Instagram, where the actress is even HOLDING Giggi.

Instead of letting this whole "beef," go, Lisa was like a dog with a bone and wouldn't shut the fuck up about it.

In a series of tweets, the geriatric reality star claimed Sarah tried to "sully her reputation," said she can't remember everyone and even joked she'll "try to be nice" during a pride parade. Ugh, does it ever get exhausting acting like such a cunt all the time? Sarah got asked a brief question in a huge interview, who gives a fuck?

I can give you someone who does give a fuck: John Sessa. LVC's brown-nosing little bitch of an assistant even decided to get involved in the drama (which had nothing to do with him at all) and insinuated Sarah was lying about Lisa being mean because she doesn't let anyone hold Giggi.

Umm. Excuse me? Vanderpump will hand that ball of fluff out to anyone, so just because she let Sarah (an Emmy award-winning actress) hold the dog, doesn't mean she was nice. At the end of the day, who cares? This is so dumb and at least Sarah has the sense not to get into a dumb Twitter war with the old lady.

The smart thing would've been to let things blow over and everyone would've forgotten about it, instead Lisa re-bringing it up just makes it more relevant. It wasn't even a comment that needed a clap back in the first place, it was an opinion and LVP never should've opened her phone to write a shady tweet.

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