Michael Darby (Allegedly) Caught Cheating On Ashley

Is anyone surprised?

After Michael Darby was exposed for grabbing multiple butts and wanting to suck another man's dick during The Real Housewives of Potomac's fourth season, it shouldn't come as any surprise that he may have recently been caught having an affair, however, this time it was with a woman.

I know what you're thinking: why would this penis addict be having sex with a woman? That was my first thought too, however, once I saw a few of the receipts going around online, the story started to become much more believable.

According to Gossip Of The City, an old white guy that could possibly be Michael was spotted with his side chick playing blackjack and drinking a corona. If the corona doesn't prove his guilt, nothing will. It also looks like the mistress sent the photos into the shady outlet herself, which proves nobody is ever going to have sex with Michael unless they want money or attention.

The shady side chick also snapped a photo of Michael walking around half-naked in their hotel room, which was a sight that needed to be seen by nobody with functioning eyes.

As much as I believe Ashley Darby's sugar daddy would definitely cheat on her, this could also be any other old white bald guy walking down the street. We don't have any definitive evidence that this could be Michael aside from a blurry photo and hearsay, you would think if the sidekick was taking photos of him she would at least try to get a face pic. Also, if the geriatric kangaroo was going to cheat, we all know it wouldn't be with a woman.

I don't know what to think, but it takes me back to when Michael was (allegedly) spotted with his male sugar baby in London, remember that tea? The Potomac Housewives are currently filming for season five, so this new cheating rumor will definitely be another point of discussion.

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