Alexis Bellino Allegedly Refused To Return To RHOC Full Time Due To Tamra Judge

Does anyone wanna see Jesus Jugs back on the show?

Last Tuesday, Alexis "Jesus Jugs" Bellino made her triumphant return to The Real Housewives of Orange County as a guest, however, according to several shady sources, the former Housewife was (allegedly) asked to join season 14 of the hit Bravo show as a full-time cast member. Is anyone buying what she's selling?

WeTV is where Housewives go to die, and if Alexis was really offered an orange I doubt she would be appearing on Marriage Bootcamp, trying to earn a check. During an interview with Hollywood Life at the premiere of Marriage Bootcamp: Family Edition (yikes), Jesus Jugs was asked if she would ever come back to the OC Housewives full-time and explained:

“I would do a cameo again but I really feel like that chapter has turned for me. I love the time I’ve had on there, I learned a lot too. It was a great experience and I will do another cameo, but that book has closed. I have three kids now and we’re busy. I barely have time for [her boyfriend] and like, he’s the most important thing."

However, her "busy schedule" isn't the main reason she doesn't want to hold an orange again. When asked if her long-standing nemesis Tamra Judge is the reason she doesn't want to star on the show in a full-time capacity, Alexis shared:

“Well, I 100 percent would never do the show if she was on it. And I 99.9 percent wouldn’t do the show if she wasn’t on it."

On the upside, Jesus Jugs said she'd be "cordial" with Tamra if she ever saw her in person. Well, there's some hope! Any Housewife who says they "quit" the show on their own accord is lying and any ex-Housewife who claims they'd never go back, is also lying. Every former Housewife's dream in life is to return to reclaim an orange/apple/peach/diamond and be relevant in pop culture again.

I hate using Radar Online as a source because they're more unreliable than gas station sushi, however, this article definitely makes more sense after Jesus Jugs' latest interview. In the Radar Online article, "sources" told the outlet Andy Cohen asked Alexis to come back full-time for season 14 and she declined because she wouldn't film with Tamra.

Mmm, I wonder who leaked that to the press days after Alexis' cameo aired? The "insider" told the shady publication:

“Andy Cohen personally asked Alexis to come back full time this season. But she said no because she wants nothing to do with Tamra. Tamra runs everyone off the show. Alexis refused to come back because she won’t be around Tamra. Alexis agreed to film just one scene. She has no interest in being around Tamra who she thinks is just a mean person.”

Do you really believe Alexis declined to comeback due to Tamra, or do you think she just leaked this story to the press?

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Although we won't be seeing Jesus Jugs on the OC Housewives anytime soon, you can catch her on Marriage Bootcamp: Family Edition, while Alexis and her new hot boyfriend Andy “Drew” Bohn are also set to appear on this season of Below Deck in Thailand.

More Bravo royalty really need to make cameos on the Below Deck franchise because it feels better than finding $20 in an old pair of jeans...

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