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NeNe Leakes Tried To Spit On Kenya Moore During Explosive Fight Over Marc Daly

This is a beef I'm ready to see.

It's no secret Kenya Moore and NeNe Leakes aren't friends but this latest tea is next level fucked up. When Kenya returned to film season twelve they already didn't get along after NeNe ended her friendship with Cynthia Bailey for Miss Twirl simply attending her party, however, their latest fight is even more dramatic considering it involves Kenya's ex-husband Marc Daly.

According to Hollywood Life, the two enemies got into a heated argument during the cast trip to Greece after Kenya found out NeNe had been talking to her estranged husband Marc during the time they were married. In other words, the Rich Bitch was looking for gossip about their marriage and Marc was giving her everything she wanted. The insider told the outlet:

“Kenya was stunned on the cast trip in Greece when she found out that her now ex husband Marc was conspiring against her by speaking to NeNe and Gregg Leakes behind her back during their marriage. Kenya and NeNe are nowhere near in a good place, but she couldn’t believe that any of the parties involved would do this to her. She found out and approached NeNe and that’s when the fight ensued and escalated quickly.”

The fight indeed escalated as Kenya was hurt her husband would be confiding in her enemy on national television and NeNe held her ground, blurting out mean things Marc had said about her, the source shared:

“NeNe made Kenya feel blindsided with the news that she had been talking to Marc throughout their marriage. NeNe also told Kenya that Marc told her and Greg that he "didn’t even like" his wife among other things.”

Although they aren't friends, this is next level vindictive. Obviously, it's extremely shady on NeNe's part to even try and be messy and find out information through her enemy's husband, but it's even more disgusting for Marc to be trash-talking the woman he is married to, to someone she evidently hates.

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The "production insider" shared how hurt Miss Twirl was, and just by reading one sentence, it doesn't take a genius to figure out who leaked this tea to the press. The quote reads:

“Even though she’s had her issues with NeNe, she never thought she’d do something like this. — Same with Marc. They were having issues in their marriage, but she felt so shocked to learn this. Kenya was so hurt that he would conspire behind her back with her known arch enemy and deliberately give her private info about them as a couple and about Kenya. Kenya has definitely had it with Marc and with NeNe.”

That's far from all, a second outlet, LoveBScott, spilled their own exclusive tea about their altercation and claimed it even started to get physical with the Rich Bitch allegedly trying TO SPIT ON Kenya during the fight. Wow, oh wow. We've seen a lot transpire on the Housewives over the years, but we've never seen spit fly across the room. The insider spilled the tea about their brawl in Athens saying:

“Kenya confronted NeNe after hearing that she’d been talking to Marc behind her back. Things escalated quickly, with NeNe telling Kenya that Marc said he ‘doesn’t even like’ her. NeNe continued to throw out different things she and Gregg were allegedly told by Marc as their fight got more intense. NeNe began to make a ‘hocking’ sound as if she was preparing to spit in Kenya’s direction.”

To get technical, it's unknown if the spit actually flew or if NeNe was just trying to aim it in her direction, however, the outlet claims at least one other cast member (probably Marlo Hampton) heard the Rich Bitch say she was going to spit on Kenya during filming.

I don't know what's messier, Marc conspiring with NeNe about his then-wife or the OG trying to spit on her during their argument. Whatever happened, two things are certain, next season is going to be amazing and I'm sure NeNe will come across as the self-absorbed asshole she's been for the last few seasons now.

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