The Man Who Grabbed Dr. Deb Claims She Called Him The N-Word

This is why you never fight with strangers on a boat.

During this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, the cast attended OC Fashion Week where Braunwyn Windham-Burke's daughter was debuting her dance clothing line.

In the middle of the event, a man grabbed Brown Wind's mother's arm, which resulted in Dr. Deb fighting with him in the middle of the boat, and somehow the crazy host of the fashion show got dragged into their argument as well. It was wild, watch the clip below in case you need a catch-up.

After the episode aired, Dr. Deb took to Instagram telling fans she felt uncomfortable from him grabbing her due to past experiences she has had and maintained he definitely made contact with her.

Well, it took all of two seconds for the man who (allegedly) grabbed her, Christophe Keyes, to clap back on social media and he was ready to spill all the fucking tea. Chris said he didn't grabbed Deb and was simply asking her to stop because she wasn't allowed where she was going. He also claimed she was "bullying" the crazy host, Kathy Marino, and alleged that Deb called him the N-word during their altercation. Wow, oh wow, this tea is fucking hot.

Christophe also attacked Bravo (and Andy Cohen) for telling an "incorrect racial biased narrative" claiming they left out Deb's racial slur on purpose and said the producers tried to portray him as the security guard because he is black.

That's not all. The psycho host of the event, icon and queen Kathy, also threw her hat in the ring to back up Christophe's allegations, taking aim at Braunwyn saying the Housewife threatening to throw her off the boat was uncalled for and that she was not in charge of the event. Kathy also said they insulted Chris, who sponsored the entire thing and then went on to push her anti-bullying hashtags in the caption.

Yup, that's still not all. Dr. Deb then responded to a fan in an Instagram comment and denied ever using the racial slur, adding her microphone would've picked up anything she said. That's facts, if Deb said anything I'm sure Bravo would've thrown it into the episode to add more controversy.

I am more exhausted than LeeAnne Locken's weave, how can grown adults fight on Instagram like this? I get the Housewives have to engage in an online war every now and then because it's their job, however, these are just ordinary people who are going back and forth over a boat fight.

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As for Braunwyn and Dr. Deb, the newbie Housewife was asked during her appearance on WWHL why they unfollowed each other on Instagram recently and Braunwyn told Andy (and the world) "we’re working through some stuff," which is code for "we're fighting but I don't want to talk about."

Let's hope this mess gets brought up at the reunion...

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