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Is Southern Charm Cancelled?

Is everyone ready for this show to go off the air?

Every year Southern Charm films in the fall, usually from September to the start of December, however, production still hasn’t started on the show’s seventh season according to Shep Rose.

The reality star turned angry alcoholic appeared on The Ross Bolen podcast and revealed not only has the show not started filming but that he’s unsure if they’ll even get a seventh season, Shep told the host:

“I don’t know if we’re doing another season. But, we aren’t doing one now. If I had a gun to my head, I’d say they want us to do another season. The ratings, I think, are pretty good.”

Although Southern Charm is one of the most popular shows on Bravo, last season was a little bit of snooze fest apart from the chlamydia reveal and didn’t even compare to the show’s crazy fifth season with Trashley Jacobs.

I would think Bravo would give these guys another chance to redeem themselves, however, the fact that the network hasn’t told the cast anything about the future of the show makes me think we might not get another season.

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On the other hand, the Bravo schedule has been all over the place in the last year with Beverly Hills, OC, Potomac and Dallas all airing later than they have in the past, so maybe Bravo is just changing around the timing of this show? I have no idea. It’s weird that they haven’t started filming AND that the network hasn’t given the cast any information whatsoever...

Apart from questioning the show’s future, Shep also shared how he got cast on the and revealed his friend, costar and creator of the show, Whitney Sudler-Smith initially wanted to create a reality show that would showcase the south in a different way. Shep explained:

“He was putting together a TV show with the help of some other people. We met and got along really famously. There sort of is, or was, a reputation of [having a] Honey Boo-Boo [vibe]. He wanted to show that the South is a little more sophisticated and there were some really interesting, colorful characters in the South. One thing leads to another and here we are sitting here talking about it. No one knew what it was going to be.”

Most of the cast members are scheduled to appear at Bravocon, so maybe we’ll hear more news about the show’s renewal then?

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