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Caroline Manzo Responds To Teresa Giudice's Claim She "Ratted" To The Feds

Mama Manzo has finally clapped back.

During Andy Cohen's sit down with Joe and Teresa Giudice on Sunday, the table thrower accused her long-time enemy Caroline Manzo of ratting her out to the feds due to a "prediction" she made years ago. Basically, Caroline predicted Joe would go to prison, Teresa would divorce him, write a book and become an independent woman, which literally all came true. You don't have to be psychic to see that, you just have to have a brain.

And this isn't the first time Teresa has claimed Caroline was responsible for her going to prison, during the season seven reunion, she also threw out the allegation saying Caroline and her sister-in-law Jacqueline Laurita reported her to the feds. We all know Teresa isn't the sharpest tool in the New Jersey shed but that accusation is just stupid. Does she really think Caroline has nothing better to do than call the feds?

Well, in Caroline's son Albie Manzo's podcast Dear Albie, the Housewife let loose on what she thought about her fellow OG's claims and didn't hold back. Obviously, I can't quote everything that was said during the 40-minute podcast, but I would highly recommend listening to the whole thing on your commute to work tomorrow because everything Caroline says is a FACT and she breaks down the topic in such a smart, straight-shooting way.

Can we please get her back on the show because she's the only Housewife in Jersey who has half a brain to call Teresa out on her shit. Here are a few excerpts of what Caroline said during the podcast:

"It’s not even worth me responding to. Of course [I didn’t rat them out]. I have no knowledge of anything they’ve ever done in their life. I’m at that point with [Teresa] because I have heard over the years that she has slandered me numerous times on her live show, numerous times to people that just go up to her on the street, in the press, on the reunion. This is not the first time she’s made this claim. Those are big words. Very big words. I think she’s grasping at straws, and I think she’s delusional. I think she’s trying to throw mud and hoping it sticks on any which wall that will catch it, but it’s not gonna work."

“I’m not one person to throw lobs at people that will have collateral damage to other people that are innocent around it. So I would never do that. I never have and I never will. When you swing, you come out swinging for the right reasons at the right people. Not the wrong people. Not the people that were there for you. I was always there for you. And when I hit back, I hit back.”

“She’s got this false sense that she controls the show and who she deems acceptable to be on the show stays on the show and who she doesn’t like leaves the show. It was my decision to leave the show. All it takes is a phone call for me to go back to it. Not interested. She is just so abrasive and she has no moral compass."

“It’s her personality. She’s never going to change. She cannot be culpable in her mind for anything. She cannot take responsibility for anything. Everything is always done to her. She is never the one that delivers the blow. It’s always poor me."

Where is the lie with anything she said? Caroline left the show back in 2013 and she's constantly talked about on the show, during WWHL and reunions but she has never ever clapped back on social media before, so this is the first time she's addressed all of Teresa's shit-talking since she's been off the show. Seriously you guys, listen to the fucking podcast.

During an interview with Hollywood Life, Mama Manzo also said she initially wasn't going to watch the special because she has no interest, however, Andy informed her that her name was brought up and told her to watch.

Caroline explained in the interview with the outlet, she decided not to but once her phone started going crazy from social media, she watched it the second time it aired and her mouth was on the fucking floor after seeing Teresa's claims. She says typically she doesn't respond to things Teresa says about her in the press, however, after she saw the special, she hit her breaking point and decided to speak out on her son's podcast.

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In other news, Andy Cohen also revealed on his radio show that Joe Giudice asked about the IRS before he even joined the show, which means he knew he was doing shady shit before the cameras showed up. Andy shared:

“When Bravo was developing Jersey Housewives, I think he said, ‘Has the IRS ever come looking for anyone for doing any of these shows? So he knew that he had something in his past. Even then.”

The WWHL host also shared he "regrets" not standing up for Caroline after Teresa made those crazy claims during the interview and defended the red-headed OG cast member on his radio show saying:

“Caroline’s never been to jail. Caroline has never committed a crime,” he explained on Monday. “I brought up … and it just hit me. It was not anything I had planned on asking her, but as I was sitting, I realized that I remember Caroline making a prediction five years ago. Her prediction was that Joe was gonna go to prison, Teresa was gonna get strong and independent, and then was gonna [file for] divorce.”

Caroline will always be the Queen of New Jersey to me as Teresa and her third-grade reading skills don't even have the ability to finish a sentence. How can you stan someone who uses the word "beautifulest" in a sentence? Tell me? And this is a woman who wants us to believe she wrote her New York Times best-selling books herself... yeah ok. Can Bravo just make Caroline a Housewife again?

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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