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Austen Kroll & Madison Le Croy Are Back Together

The Hot Mess Express is chugging forward, for now.

Everyone under the sun believes Austen Kroll and his on-again-off-again girlfriend Madison LeCroy are in a toxic relationship and considering they both cheated on each other and stayed together, I guess they are, however, I lowkey stan this couple.

Obviously, they shouldn't be together and are slowly ruining each other's lives but Madison is the justice queen we need to keep the disgusting, unemployed men of Southern Charm in check, so if she needs to stick around Austen to remain on the show, so be it.

These two may be toxic, but they aren't chemically toxic like Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis' relationship, they're just a bad version of the Britney Spears song.

After rumors started swirling of the show being canceled, the cast and some "sources" have now come forward stating the reality show starts filming in January which gives these two plenty of time to find something to fight about in the off-season to fuel their on-screen drama. I AM READY FOR IT, because Madison's chlamydia revelation was the only thing that got me through last season.

The couple revealed they are back together after both Austen and Madison posted photos together on Halloween dressed as Marilyn Monroe and JFK with the caption "Happy Birthday Mr. President." Say what you want, but these two look stunning in their costumes and Madison could pass as Marilyn any day of the week.

So there it is, Southern Charm's most dysfunctional couple is back together and wearing matching Halloween costumes to prove it. Does anything say you're a couple like going to Halloween as an infamous celebrity duo and posting it on your Instagram? I think not.

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Somewhere Shep Rose is in a corner shaking and we need Madison back for season 7 to keep the reality star turned angry alcoholic on his toes. Let's just hope these two can hang on to January, but something tells me Madison will magically manipulate Austen with the friend between her legs to make sure they'll still together by the time Bravo cameras roll back around.

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