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Jacqueline Laurita Reveals Who Reported Teresa and Joe Giudice To The Feds


During Teresa Giudice's one-on-one sit down with Andy Cohen, she accused her former friend and enemy Caroline Manzo of reporting her to the feds, something she's previously accused both Caroline and her sister-in-law Jacqueline Laurita of in the past, and now Jac is sounding off on Teresa's latest interview and defending Mama Manzo in the process.

In an interview with Champion Daily, Jacqueline admitted she doesn't know why Teresa harbors so much resentment towards Caroline and claimed it's because her sister-in-law is much smarter than the table thrower. That's not an opinion, that's a fact. Teresa knows Caroline won't let her get away with anything and she doesn't want to be around anyone who can challenge her. Jac explained:

“I don’t know what Teresa’s hatred towards Caroline is. I think she doesn’t like Caroline because Caroline is a lot smarter than her and she can use her words wisely. She was pissed that Caroline was right. Not that she’s a psychic, but Caroline knows her character.”

Jacqueline said it wouldn't be hard for the feds to look into Teresa's finances because she was running around on international television flaunting her cash and bragging about her million-dollar home. If you don't want anyone to catch on to the fact you're doing illegal shit, maybe don't join a reality television show and brag about how much money you have when your man's taxes aren't adding up.

The former Housewife told the outlet who actually reported Teresa and Joe Giudice to the feds and, surprise surprise, it wasn't her or Caroline. Jacqueline admitted her husband Chris Laurita previously explained who "ratted" them out the feds on the season seven reunion, however, she refreshed anyone's memory who forgot.

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According to Jac, the Giudices were already under investigation and Joe's business partner threatened to go to the feds if he didn't pay him money. Of course, Juicy Joe didn't pay the man his money and told him to "go fuck himself," so his business partner ran right on over to blab to the government. The OG Housewife shared:

“This was already an ongoing investigation from way back. So then what added to it was Joe’s business partner who he screwed over went to a mutual friend of ours and said that he was gonna go to the feds if Joe didn’t pay him the money."

As well as saying she believes both Joe and Teresa cheated on each other (duh), Jac went on to say Teresa never accepts accountability for anything, calling her a narcissist and explained which choices directly landed her former friend in prison. Jacqueline said:

“Teresa never really takes accountability for things she does in her life. It’s very hard for her to do that. It always has been. She’s a narcissist, sociopath. To me, if she wouldn’t have lied about her assets [and] if she would’ve given up her financial information, she wouldn’t have gone to prison. [But] she has no accountability."

Everything Jacqueline is saying is a fucking fact. Where is the lie? Teresa still doesn't own any of her actions and looks to blame anyone else she can, her accusing her former friends and costars of going to the feds is direct evidence of that. Teresa literally has a fourth-grade reading level and she doesn't even understand anything people try to tell her. Tre hears one word and then suddenly she's throwing tables for no reason.

I'd much rather have Caroline and Jacqueline on The Real Housewives of New Jersey over Teresa, but we know that's never going to happen...

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