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Vicki Gunvalson Drops Lawsuit Against Kelly Dodd & Bravo

This is a step in the right direction... kind of.

Days after news broke that Vicki Gunvalson was suing Bravo, NBCUniversal and Kelly Dodd for defamation, she has officially dropped her lawsuit against the network and her costar, mainly so she could attend The Real Housewives of Orange County's upcoming season 14 reunion. Vicki's purpose for initiating her legal battle was Kelly calling her a con woman, among other things, in a future episode of the show.

The OG of the OC was suing Kelly for defamation based on her comments and was also demanding an injunction against the network to stop them from airing her former BFF's comments as she believed they could affect her insurance business. Vicki has been labeled a con woman since she (allegedly) was apart of a cancer scheme, so I'm not sure why THIS is the time she decided to sue her costar for slander.

Bravo HATES when their Housewives sue each other (look at Adrienne Maloof), so they were far from pleased with Vicki and forced her to drop the lawsuit by threatening to ban her from the reunion. As soon as Vicki heard she wouldn't be allowed to attend the upcoming end of season sit down, she retracted the lawsuit so she could attend.

To make it clear: Vicki Gunvalson is no longer suing Kelly or the network.

In a statement to Us Weekly, an "insider" maintained the lawsuit was dropped and that Kelly's comments were not edited out, so we will definitely see these two duke it out in later episodes of the show. In short, all this lawsuit achieved was pissing off everyone at Bravo and solidified the fact that Vicki will probably never hold an orange again. The source told the outlet:

“Vicki withdrew her suit against the network, production company, and Kelly. No scenes were edited out. Their confrontation will still be seen in an upcoming episode. And Vicki is planning to attend the reunion.”

Another source told PEOPLE, that Vicki has "amicably" worked things out with the producers and will definitely be at the reunion taping on Friday ready to confront Kelly over the issue, and you can bet this lawsuit will DEFINITELY be brought up because there is no way to avoid it. The insider told the magazine:

“She has spoken to the producers and has resolved the issues amicably. Vicki has nothing to hide. She has a lot to say and is attending the reunion taping this week. She is looking forward to a successful ending of season 14 as it wraps up.”

Well, it looks like this issue is resolved (legally) but on Friday this thing is going to BLOW UP between the two frenemies.

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